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Fin Heat Dissipation--The new technological revolution for LED Household Lights
      LED with its energy-saving and environmental features have a broad application space, the application of LED light products attracting world's attention.In general, LED lamps to the stability? Can really achieved a lifespan of 100,000 hours? All above were related to the heat dissipation of  the chip.                                               
     Light-emitting LED chip at the same time will produce thermal energy (photoelectric conversion efficiency of about 25 ~ 35%), resulting in the chip temperature (Tj) to improve.However, the heat generated by the LED
is conduction heat transfer through the bottom of the base, so if the LED working, but can not fast and effective heat away, it will result in the decrease in brightness, shorter life expectancy , wavelength drift, or even cause damage to the LEDs.

     With the extensive application of high power LED products, LED size gradually reduced, the heat concentrated in a small size chip, and a higher heat density. In order to reduces the LED thermal resistance, heat dissipation from the chip-level (Chip Level), package-level (Package Level),heat substrate level (Board Level) to the system level (System Level), each step must be optimize the thermal design.How to combine various cooling technology to design a low thermal resistance and high power LED lighting products, which to be one of the most important issue in the present LED industry.
     As our company who preparing for full access to the LED home lighting market, Participate in the study of this issue not only a challenge, it is also an opportunity.To get a piece of the LED lights market, introducing a new products with high heat dissipation technology will be the most  advantageous weapons. For this reason, our company has invested substantial resources,after half a year of research,referenced to to the experience of a lot of  peers, finally launched the fins household series lights in the earlier of this year.
    This series light adopt fin heat dissipation structure by increasing the heat dissipation area with duct open porosity design to enhance the ability of the conduction and natural convection, and greatly reduces the internal temperature of the lamp, improved the heat dissipation problem,and inhance the heat dissipation capacity.

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