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The United States wants to build the world's first space orbit solar plants

In 2016, California, the use of some building energy might come from orbit round the earth operation of the solar panels. At present, California's largest power company, Pacific gas and electric company (hereinafter referred to as PG&E) has announced plans to build the world's first to track the solar plants Solaren Corp. (hereinafter referred to as "Solaren) to buy power.

Solaren is a startup, hope in the commercial development space solar power on the first ever to try. According to the plan, Solaren will use the orbit around the earth operation of the solar panels, and power generation will be converted to rf waves to transmit, located in Fresno terminal is responsible for receiving rf waves. Here, rf waves will be converted to electricity and input power grid.

Development and use of space solar idea has been discussed for decades. Use of space solar idea first founded in 1941, science fiction, after that, NASA and the pentagon its carefully studied. The whole process, the use of space solar power is seen as a "from daydreaming". Because it can produce energy day and night without thinking about the weather conditions, to build solar power plant has the incomparable advantage, this advantage enough for the researchers matchless excitement, and then through the continuous research and efforts to put the idea into reality.

Solaren CEO Gary, Eric (Gary Spirnak, skin), solar power plant said technology have to meet in the golden age of the coming to prepare for. "Though in the past and not try the scale of the system and the structure of the precision, but such related technology have very mature based, which are based on communication satellite technology foundation."

It is reported, PG&E has requested California regulatory approval for the satellite system, once Solaren finished building to buy, and the 200 megawatts of power, the power to meet the power of the about 150000 families need. In the 10 th to the California public utilities commission of the documents submitted, PG&E admitted: "similar space solar power plants such emerging technology faces considerable challenge." But they also point out: "PG&E believe the technology itself has potential, and a new unproven technology challenges, we pay more attention than consumers can from the successful space solar power plants gain in huge gains."

Solaren says space in 2016 solar power plant in commercial operation. On skin, admitted that, in order to achieve this ambitious goals, Solaren need to raise billions of dollars funds. It was a difficult task, but he believes that Solaren can be accomplished.

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